1 tola is equal to how many grams

1 tola is equal to how many grams. Tola is a metric system that equals approximately 50 grams. 1 tola is equal to 40.8 grams.

What is a Tola?

 A tola, also known as tezab, was used in ancient times for weighing gold and silver. It is the Indian name given to two distinct units of mass that are now officially recognized by the countries of India and Pakistan.

Accurate Definition of a Tola

The first definition, which conforms more closely to the historical origin of the word, is that a tola is equal to 60 rattis or 3.1107 grams exactly, making it equivalent in this respect to the modern pound which was also based on grains of barley. It has been so applied at different times and places over the last 4500 years. However, its most common usage seems to have been in weighing gold, hence the conversion factor of 60 rattis per tola.

The second definition of 1 tola is equal to 40.8 grams exactly. This was originally intended as the metric equivalent of the traditional Indian weight system which had existed for several centuries before being officially adopted by both India and Pakistan after independence from British rule in 1947; in fact, it is similar to the tola of five masa or 120 grains.

Precise Origin of Word “Tola”

The precise origin of this definition is somewhat obscure. It does not appear in any official government documents nor even in many books on traditional Indian weights and measures, although there are references to two different weight systems used in India historically which both had a common origin in the ancient Roman weight system and that tola in this sense is given as 37.25 g in a book published to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Indian independence.

Modern weights & 1 Tola

Perhaps, for this reason, many people working with traditional weights and measures are unaware that there is any other definition of 1 tola than that defined in the metric system, and in accordance with international practice, we have decided to use this definition for the purpose of describing the traditional Indian units of weight. In modern daily life 1 tola is used almost exclusively by jewelers for weighing diamonds, gold and platinum ingots, etc, [but] it is not possible to buy weights or measures from the traditional Indian system in the UK, however, they are available from India.

The average weight of 1 Tola

Converting 1 Tola to Averages:

1 Tola = 0.4361 avoirdupois ounces = 28.35 grams

How to convert grams to pounds and vice versa

I have taken some liberties with the accuracy of how to convert grams to pounds and vice versa. I’m certain there is a formula out there somewhere like:

1 pound = 16 avoirdupois ounces x 437.5 g/ounce, but this is just an estimate based on my personal knowledge and research.

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