48 Common Tongue Twisters & Their Benefits In Speech

What do you mean by Tongue Twisters?

A tongue twister is a phrase that is designed to be difficult to articulate properly. They can be used in speech and language therapy with clients who have difficulties with their articulation or fluency. Find the list of short as well as funny tongue twisters.

How are Tongue twisters useful?

  • How do tongue twisters help stuttering? How can you improve your speech? The quick answers to these questions are tongue twisters. Tongue twisters are useful for speech and language therapy, both to work on articulation (speech sounds) and also fluency.
  • Tongue twisters are often used in Speech Therapy sessions to help build the muscles involved in speech.┬áThis is because these short phrases must be repeated multiple times, which helps build the correct muscle memory for the targeted sound(s). The same benefits can be gained by using tongue twisters as part of a daily warm-up routine.
  • Tongue twisters are also often used in conversation to help build fluency. For a person with a speech impairment, this can be a great way to use language without struggling with the demands of spontaneous speech. It allows the speaker time to prepare what they want to say and how they want to say it.
  • As tongue twisters use similar sounds, they are also useful for building phonemic awareness. This is the ability to hear and manipulate the individual sounds within words. It is one of the first steps towards developing reading skills.
  • Tongue twisters can be beneficial for both children and adults who have speech impairment problems or who require speech therapy. They can be used to build articulation and fluency skills, which in turn can improve the clarity of a person’s speech.

What are the benefits of Tongue twisters in Conversation?

  1. Tongue twisters are also often used in conversation with children who have learning disabilities such as dyslexia. They help aid language comprehension because they provide sound cues that can be helpful for children when forming their own meaningful sentences.
  2. Tongue twisters can also be an effective method of practicing sounds that are difficult for a child to articulate. By repeating the tongue twister slowly and clearly, it allows the child time to produce these sounds correctly, which is important for developing their speech skills.
  3. Tongue twisters are typically short phrases with many consecutive syllables that are made up of the same sounds. This causes some confusion when reading them, especially for people with dyslexia. For this reason, they are often not recommended for use when teaching children how to read.
  4. Tongue twisters are also commonly used in conversation therapy sessions, where the therapist will provide them as a way to improve communication skills. For this reason, they are often compiled into a book so that they can be used for home practice as well as in the clinic environment.
  5. Tongue twisters do not need to be used exclusively by a person with a speech impairment or who is on a course of therapy. They can also be used as part of an everyday warm-up routine or as a fun way to build fluency and articulation skills.

Common Tongue twisters Examples

  • 1. She sells seashells at the seashore.
  • 2. Splitting a grapefruit into halves is difficult for four-fifths of a halved grapefruit.
  • 3. A big black bug bit a big black bear and made the big black bear bleed blood.
  • 4. How many cookies could a good cook if a good cook could cook cookies?
  • 5. How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?
  • 6. The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep is sick.
  • 7. Can you catch much fish with a pike if a pike could catch fish?
  • 8. How big boggies have little boggies got?
  • 9. Betty Betty had a bit of a bitter bite.
  • 10. How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?
  • 11. She sells seashells on the seashore.
  • 12. A bet between Fred and Ed resulted in an altercation that delighted any onlooker.
  • 13. I saw Susie sitting in a shoeshine shop.
  • 14. In the huge hangar, a high-hanging hook caused a hitch as workers hurried to finish the hangar quickly.
  • 15. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
  • 16. Big black bug bit big black bear but couldn’t bite big black bear’s brother because his brother was bigger than a big black bear.
  • 17. A big bug bit the little beetle but the little beetle bit the big bug back.
  • 18. Six sick sheik’s sons sit in a sixth son’s shop selling six slices tasted by six sick sons of six sheiks sitting in a sixth son’s shop tasting six slices sold by a sixth slice seller, who is a son of a sixth sheik.
  • 19. Seven slick slimy snakes slowly sliding southward say seven slick slimy snails steadily sliding southwards are slowly sleazing their sleekly slithering slimly sinuous snaky slime trails along south seashore sands smoothly.
  • 20. Brisk brave brigadiers brandished broad bright blades as they boldly blazed a blood-curdling pathway into bloody battlefields.
  • 21. I thought, “I thought of thinking of thanking my mother for thinking of knitting this sweater.”
  • 22. She sells seashells on the seashore so she shells the seashore selling seashells.
  • 23. Most mournful Mozart music.
  • 24. I threw three free throws.
  • 25. How could a clean cream can cram in a merely cracked can that cruelly crammed in a clean cream can?
  • 26. I wish you were a fish in my dish, but unfortunately, you’re not.
  • 27. If two witches would watch two watches, which witch would watch which watch?
  • 28. A box of biscuits, a box of mixed biscuits, and another box of mixed biscuits.
  • 29. How much pot, could a pot roast if a pot roast could roast pot?
  • 30. I thought that an Italian astronaut was an astronaut who hailed from Italy.
  • 31. If I bake this bitter butter, it would make my batter bitter. But a bit of better butter that would make my batter better.” So she bought a bit of butter, better than her bitter butter, and she baked it in her batter, and the batter was not bitter. So ’twas better Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter.
  • 32. “I slit the sheet, the sheet I slit, and on the slitted sheet I sit.”
  • 33. How quickly Polly puts her gloves on. Put your gloves on just as quick as you can.”
  • 34. “Sally saw Sheila drive. Did she drive badly?”
  • 35. Big Bad John and The Big Bad Wolf were bad rivals. So they fought for a piece of pizza with a big bad stick. They each claimed that they should get more of the pizza because they were bigger badder. The contest ended in a draw since they both got the same amount.
  • 36. Big red balloons ballooned nearby.
  • 37. “Doctor Fell told his son, ‘I’ve swallowed a basin.’ So his son said, “Well, pull it out, dad!”
  • 38. “Sally saw Kipper. Could she sew?”
  • 39. A proper copper coffee pot. A proper copper coffee pot is not cursed when it’s chosen by a customer, for a copper coffee pot that’s properly chosen isn’t copper; it’s one the customer chooses and is made of metal.
  • 40. “I wish to wash my Irish wristwatch.”
  • 41. I wish to watch my Irish wristwatch being washed.”
  • 42. “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers?”
  • 43. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled threw three free throws. peppers, Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?
  • 44. I wish to wash my Irish wristwatch. I wish to watch my Irish wristwatch being washed.
  • 45. Patty Patty Pat pat. Frogs’ legs. Frogs’ legs.
  • 46. “Peter Penguin packed his bag with freshly cut cucumber sandwiches for a picnic at the park. There were so many sandwiches he couldn’t close his bag, but a penguin can’t possibly eat all those sandwiches by himself – even if they are freshly cut cucumber sandwiches. So he decided to share them with the neighbors.”
  • 47. Peter Penguin packed his bag with freshly cut cucumber sandwiches for a picnic at the park. There were so many sandwiches he couldn’t close his bag. So he decided to share them with the neighbors.”
  • 48. “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?”

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