Flipkart Order Tracking: HELP, SUPPORT & FAQs

Searching about Flipkart order tracking? You can find easy ways to track your Flipkart order. Follow the instructions and methods given in this post to know about the status of your shipment.

Introduction to Flipkart

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce website that offers a wide range of products at very low prices. It began operations in October 2007 as an online bookstore and expanded into other product categories over time. Today, it offers everything from books to home appliances at incredible discounts.

Purchasing items from online retailers can be a great way to save money. However, it also comes with the hassle of having to track down your order and wait for it to arrive. Not all packages are created equal – some items might ship within a day or two while others take several weeks. As a result, it is important to keep an eye on your shipment and make sure it is on its way. On Flipkart:

  • 1. The customer can track his order at any time
  • 2. The customer can also see the status of the order
  • 3. If there is a problem with the order, then he/she will be notified about it
  • 4. He/she can contact Flipkart for any queries related to their orders
  • 5. They have an app that makes tracking easy and convenient

Track any order in Flipkart with its multiple statuses

We usually get tracking numbers through email but sometimes, due to website issues users are not able to see the tracking status of their order. Flipkart has 8 statuses of an order:

1. New

This means that the product is new and not yet delivered to our warehouse. The product gets added to the cart and you can make payment for it or cancel it anytime till we ship it.

2. Awaiting Payment

This means that the product you ordered is ready but we haven’t received your payment for it yet. You can make a full or partial payment anytime before we ship it.

3. Payment Received

This means that we have received payment from you and as soon as the product is packed, it will be shipped to you by our logistics partner.

4. Shipped

This means that the product is shipped and should reach you within 3-7 days depending on your location.

5. Returned

This means that the product has been returned to us by courier service. You have 7 days in hand from this point of time to accept or reject the return request, after which a refund will be initiated by us.

6. Cancelled

This means that your order has been canceled and you will receive a refund back in your bank account within 3-5 business days (It depends on the time taken by the bank to process the request).

7. Out For Delivery

 This means that we have dispatched your product and it should reach you within 3-7 days of dispatch depending on your location.

8. Out For Delivery (Damaged)

This means that we have dispatched your product but courier service has damaged the product so it cannot be delivered to you and will need a replacement from our side after receiving it from them. You have 7 days in hand from this point of time to accept or reject replacement requests, after which a refund will be initiated by us.

Tracking orders on the flipkart website

  1. Log in to your Flipkart account
  2. Go to “My Orders”
  3. Click on the order number that you want to track
  4. Select “Track Order”
  5. You can see the status of your order – whether it’s in transit, delivered, or cancelled

Track Flipkart order without an account

Once your Flipkart order has been dispatched, you will receive an email containing your AWB number. You can also track your order with the help of that AWB number/code. In case, you have forgotten your Flipkart order tracking number then use the following method to track your package.

Track Flipkart Order Self Delivery Status Online

You can track the status of your order by clicking this link. This link provides you with real-time tracking of your shipment.

Tracking orders on the Flipkart Via Email

Let’s assume you have received an email from Flipkart saying that your order has been shipped and now you want to track it. In that case, all you need to do is attach product ID as a file with email or send it as an attachment via your mail client or service like SendGrid (If this article was helpful, please click on ads so I can write more. Send an email with the tracking number.

Tracking Your Shipments Via 3rd Party Website

Tracking orders can easily be done by following detailed instructions provided by the retailer, but these instructions are often complicated and require that you manually check up on your item every few days. Luckily, tracking your packages is now much easier since websites exist that allow you to track multiple mailings simultaneously.

This article describes how to use the tracking website 17track.net to see if your package has been shipped and when it will be delivered. It also shows you how to save money by making sure that the retailer hasn’t overcharged for shipping, which is something that I have personally had to deal with when making purchases on Amazon.

  • 1) This tracking website allows you to track multiple shipments simultaneously, which makes it easy to see when everything arrives.
  • 2) Retailers often overcharge for shipping so it is important to check how much it will cost before placing an order.
  • 3) Flipkart offers a wide variety of items at great prices, which makes it a popular choice for online shopping.
  • 4) The tracking website 17track allows you to see when your order has been shipped and when it will be delivered.
  • 5) Keep an eye on your shipment because every retailer provides different shipping options, so some items might arrive much faster than others.

It would be nice if users could subscribe to SMS alerts from Flipkart notifying them about the status of the order and any other changes made to it.

Flipkart could also provide a facility to cancel/amend orders for customers for which they could choose, through a drop-down menu, from various delivery modes available. This would save them the hassle of calling call centers in case they need to change/modify their orders.

It would be a great idea if all the products under a single category were listed on one page and their prices could be compared, making it easier for users to make a quick decision about buying them.

How to track my shipment using app? – Flipkart Support Community

Flipkart has introduced a new feature My Orders with the help of which you can trackback your order. Whether you have used the “m-site” or the “desktop site” of Flipkart, you can use this order tracking feature easily. In the following, we are providing a useful method for tracking Flipkart orders:


Flipkart offers man deals in different shopping seasons such as:

  • Flash sales
  • Big Billion Days sale
  • Year-end offers
  • Deal of the day

Whatever deal you have availed and ordered, it is really important to trace your order. Flipkart app saves and lists all of your orders. If you want to track your shipments, the app will take you directly to the tracking page.


To track your Flipkart order, simply move to My Orders in your Flipkart app, m-site, or desktop site.


  1. On clicking the My Orders tab, you can get complete information about your Flipkart orders.
  2. You will see everything you have ordered listed there.
  3. Scroll to see all the goods you’ve ordered.
  4. There, Flipkart tells you about the product name, an image, and a notification that tells you about the delivery status of your product.
  5. You will see when it will be, or has been, delivered.
  6. On the Flipkart desktop site, click ‘Track’ to know about your order tracking details.


The delivery sequence of order in the Flipkart mobile app has four following steps:

  1. Ordered
  2. Approved
  3. Packed
  4. Shipped
  5. Delivery

Flipkart Consignment Tracking Process

Enter your Order ID and click Track Package to see your Flipkart order shipment details. E-commerce giant Flipkart has an e-commerce logistics firm called Ekart. Ekart handles more than 90% of the delivery orders. In areas where Ekart has yet to start delivering, other courier firms like Ecom Express, Delhivery, and etc., are assigned to complete the service.

  1. Ekart personnel collects every seller fulfilled order from the vendor location.
  2. Transports it in a local van (mini tempo) to the nearest office.
  3. Then it is dispatched to a sorting hub.
  4. Here, parcels from all neighboring cities are gathered and sorted,
  5. The parcel is then taken to the closest hub for delivery.
  6. After which they are carried to the closest delivery center via road, rail, and airway throughout India.
  7. This item is sent to the delivery (sorting) hub, where it is picked up by a truck.
  8. After arriving at the delivery (sorting) hub, the package is returned to its local office for further transport to the consumer.
  9. From there, the delivery person takes this package to its final destination.
  10. The process for delivering Flipkart products (Flipkart Advantage) is identical, with one exception: rather of being collected from their own warehouse, the parcel comes

FAQs: Flipkart Order Tracking

What is the best way to buy from Flipkart?

Is it safe to give my card number over the phone? Don’t forget that before placing your ORDER, make sure you provide credit card information for payment only. You can also manage your orders by going to My Orders in your account.

How do I find out where my order is? How can I keep track of my delivery with Flipkart?

Enter your tracking ID to find out where your shipment is.

How can I discover information about my purchases?

Visit your Flipkart account’s My Orders page to obtain specifics for all of your transactions.

What if I am late in receiving my Flipkart purchase?

Don’t be concerned; the delivery personnel will try to deliver again the next business day. You can also get information about the most recent delivery by calling the agent.

Want to do more than track your order?

Under the delivery sequence, you’ll see two big tabs: ‘Cancel’ and ‘Need Help?’. Tap on Cancel to cancel your order by stating your reason and selecting the options on the page to go about this process with ease.

Do you need Help with Flipkart Order?

To access this feature, tap the question mark in the top right corner and select ‘Need Help?’ You’ll then be transferred to a different screen where you may choose an issue with your purchase, such as cancellations, returns, discounts, or payments. Here you will find answers to questions like ‘How do I check if a cashback is applied to my order?’ or ‘My order is delayed’.

How can I contact Flipkart customer support for more help?

If you need further help, click the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page. You can send an email or connect with Flipkart’s staff to get your question or problem resolved.

How to subscribe to Flipkart Order Updates?

You have the option to select two more features on the main page to make tracking your order easier and more convenient. To receive timely notifications of your purchase, click the Subscribe to Updates box with a tiny bluebell symbol. You may keep up with what’s going on without even opening the app this way.

How to see Flipkart Plus Rewards?

Scroll down on the main page to see your order’s shipping information, including the name and address of the person who will receive it. You’ll find out whether you earned rewards on your purchase, such as Flipkart Coins, which provides you with some of Flipkart Plus’s benefits under this line. They’ll be credited to you at the

How to share Your Flipkart Order Details?

Similarly, click the Share order details option to share all of your favorites, such as tracking your order, canceling it, exchanging it for someone else, or replacing it with someone else. This is for purchases you’ve made on behalf of others, such as a friend who lives in another city or a sister who lives in another country. Simply input their phone number and name and click on Share to give them tracking convenience.

How to see the Billing Details on the Flipkart app?

When you go to the next page, you will see a list price, selling price, delivery cost, total amount, offers, and payment method for your order. Keep an eye on the offer tab since it displays any discounts you may take advantage of during your next purchase. Simply click the Know More button to discover more!

With a new and easier method of monitoring your purchase, Flipkart shopping gets even more enjoyable than ever before! So, today what’s on your wishlist?

Conclusion: Flipkart Order Tracking

  • 1. Track your order
  • 2. Check the status of your order
  • 3. View an estimated delivery date for your package
  • 4. Find out what’s happening with a specific shipment or order
  • 5. Contact customer service to ask questions about packages, shipments, and more
  • 6. Find answers to common shipping questions on our help page

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