How To Share Zong Balance? | *828#

How to share Zong Balance?

Zong brings a service through which you can transfer the load to your friend or family member who has zero balance. You can also request load from any prepaid zong number. This service is of great use in case of emergency. Balance transfer offers users the convenience to transfer the balance to friends.


Zong offers Yaari Load Service to facilitate its customers to transfer or request the balance to/from other Zong customers. So, this service has two modules of Balance Transfer as well as Balance Request. The receiver and sender both must be prepaid customers.

Features of Yari Load

Yaari Load has two (02) features:
1. Balance Transfer feature of transferring the balance to other Zong customers
2. Balance Request feature of requesting balance from other Zong users.

Benefits of Yari Load

  1. Balance Request helps customers in case of emergency.
  2. Users can share their balance with friends and family members.
  3. Zong users can also get balance if stuck in case of trouble.

Mechanism of Balance Sharing

The following is the mechanics to tell how to share zong balance:

  1. Dial *828# for transfering load
  2. Dial *829# to request balance
  3. Zong Yari Load service is only for prepaid customer.
  4. You can’t transfer amount that is more than Rs.200.
  5. Minimum transferable amount is Rs.10.
  6. Transaction limit is 5 transactions in a day.
  7. Customer must have minimum Rs.5 remaining balance in SIM account after Zong Yaari Load.

Who can not avail of “Share Zong Balance Service”?

Facility Zong Balance share service is not available for the following:

  1. Zong Dealers
  2. Employees of this company
  3. Franchise workers
  4. Franchise dealers
  5. Franchise families
  6. Service tariff package

Non Transferrable Balance For Yaari Load

  1. Auto Load/Loan
  2. Built in Balance of Golden/BYN numbers.
  3. FAT- built in balance/ Hand Set Balance
  4. Reimbursed balance
  5. Redeemed Balance
  6. Promotion amount

Transferrable Balance For Yari Load

  1. Already Shared Balance
  2. Online Recharge
  3. Voucher Card
  4. Zong Load – E Pin

Terms & Conditions for Yari Load

Below mentioned Charges and Taxes will apply to this offer:

  1. 16% FED on usage.
  2. 19.5% Sales tax (GST) on usage.
  3. 10% Advance Income Tax (AIT) on every recharge.
  4. The service is only for prepaid customers.
  5. Customers throughout the country can avail Yaari Load except FATA & PATA regions.

Are there any charges for requesting balance?

There are no charges on the Balance request service i.e. *829#.

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