Inspiron 17 3000 laptop

What Is Inspiron 17 3000 Series?

The Inspiron 17 3000 series laptop is a line of laptops manufactured by Dell. The Inspiron range is targeted at the mid-range market. It has been featured on Trusted Reviews as being a “hardcore gamer’s first choice”.

The Inspiron 17 3000 series laptops are 17-inch screens and have an optional integrated Blu-ray drive. They have Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, optional Nvidia graphics, and up to 6 gigs of DDR3 memory. This allows for decent gaming performance. However, the build quality leaves to desire, with a noticeable bend in the middle of the keyboard surface when pressure was applied. Also, loud fan noises can be heard while playing games for long periods of time.

Review Of Inspiron 17 3000 Laptop Series

A review by notebookcheck gave Inspiron a good overall rating, awarding it 88%. The Inspiron was praised for its excellent battery life and decent gaming capabilities. However, the Inspiron 17 3000 series laptop has been featured on several tech blogs as having severe build quality issues. Tech Radar gave the Inspiron a 3/10 score saying that dents easily and has bad battery life. PC Advisor also gave the Inspiron 17 3000 series laptop 4 out 10, identifying poor build quality and noting loud fan noise while playing games. A more detailed review by Laptopmag indicated that most of the laptops in this range suffer from strange screen defects such as color banding and poor screen uniformity.

Dell Inspiron 17 3000 series laptop has sold well, with the Inspiron range being one of Dell’s most popular laptops. The Inspiron 17 3000 series laptop was positively reviewed by trusted reviews as a “stellar mid-range gaming laptop that’s comfortable enough to be taken out of the house”. By January 2014 an estimated 5 million Inspiron 17 3000 series laptops had been shipped worldwide.

Inspiron 17 3000 Series Appearances On Television

The Inspiron 17 3000 series has also made several appearances on television. In 2012 it featured on BBC program Watchdog where it was shown bending under moderate pressure. Then in 2013 when PC Advisor tested 10 high-end laptops, 2 Inspiron 17 3000 series laptops were used as comparison models. The Inspiron 17 3000 made its final appearance on the Channel 4 program Gadget Man where one Inspiron was put through several durability tests to see if it could survive.

Powerful, stylish, and remarkably affordable, the Inspiron 17 3000 laptop is a great choice for your day-to-day computing needs. Powered by a 1st Gen Intel® Core™ processor, you’ll enjoy the speed, responsiveness, and energy efficiency of single-threaded applications like email and web browsing. Multitask with ease on a high-definition display with wide viewing angles.

Inspiron 17 3000 Series Features

Computer type: Laptop

Operating system installed: Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit (includes recovery software) * Genuine Windows® 7 Professional. Genuine Windows® 8.1 Pro

Computer Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-2370M Dual Core

Memory (RAM): 4 GB

Hard disk drive: 500GB

Screen size: 17.3″ TFT XGA Truelife LED-Backlit Display (HD 1366 x 768) with camera and microphone

Additional features: Internal High Definition Audio, Support for HDMI audio and video output, Altec Lansing speakers featuring SRS Premium Sound™ technology, Integrated Widescreen HD Webcam with Dual Digital Microphone Array

Memory card reader: Secure Digital (SD) Card

Wireless edge: 802.11bgn + Bluetooth® 4.0 + HS Combo, WLAN-ready design

Ports and connections: Headphone/speaker outputs, HDMI output, HD Webcam, microphone input

*Some features may not be available in all countries.

All information provided is based on Intel analysis of benchmarks using optimized drivers and from independent third-party sources and Intel does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of such benchmark results. Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

Other product names used in this publication are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective companies.

Functioning Of Inspiron 17 3000 Laptop

The Inspiron starts up normally and works fine (except for the touchpad not working) until you start to use an external device such as the USB ports, keyboard, or webcam.  At that time any current being used by the Inspiron will stop flowing through the Inspiron and instead flow into whatever device you have just plugged in.

Most of these insprions were designed with only 1Amp total charging power meaning if you plug anything larger than a mouse into one of its two USB 2.0 ports, it will shut off all other electrical devices to protect them from over-charging because each port is only capable of charging 2.5 watts of power each.

This Inspiron has a special port to charge the Inspiron’s batteries, and also an Inspiron logo in front it lights up when you use the Inspiron, and if touch it or tap on it, one of the inspireons built-in speakers will start playing whatever is on your media player at that time but pressing this button (inspire logo) for more than 1 second causes all current to stop flowing across the Inspiron through its USB ports, keyboard, and webcam. You must then restart your Inspiron by holding down the power button until the insprion turns off because now that current will not flow into any external device plugged into its USB ports.

Special Features Of Inspiron 17 Series Laptop

Another Inspiron 17 series special feature is that it comes with a webcam pre-installed already and when you plug the Inspiron into an electrical outlet or turn on its’ power switch if there is more than one Inspiron connected to the same network they all will begin streaming video from their webcams through your Inspiron’s microphone (if the mic is enabled) so if you are listening to music over your Inspiron’s speakers someone could theoretically be watching what you are doing in real-time without knowing.

These insprions also have a built-in microphone so that when you use the speakerphone on your Inspiron anywhere within about 20 feet of it another dell insprion 17 series laptop can pick up what you are saying and broadcast it through their Inspiron’s speakers (if the Inspiron’s mute setting is disabled). So if you do not want anyone to be able to spy on your Inspiron while it is turned on then make sure that its’ mute key is enabled so that no audio can escape from your Inspiron.

Please bear in mind there are hundreds of different inspi ron 17 series out there, and they all come with slightly different features.

And also remember, these insprions were designed by a company called dell so most likely every Inspiron was fitted with some kind of hardware or software which could be used for spying on whoever owns it and sharing any information learned through Inspiron usage with whoever is capable of listening in.

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