K LAW By Mrs Kennedy

About K LAW, PLLC In 2014, Mrs. Kennedy opened K LAW, PLLC to serve her clients. She is a personal injury attorney serving the clients of Bradenton, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Florida’s Gulf Coast. Attorney Lisa Kennedy is an experienced car accident attorney in St. Petersburg. Her primary domain is  boating accident, tractor trailer accidents, … Read more

P 200,000 For OFW : DOLE AKAP Fortune Fund

P 200,000 For OFW DOLE AKAP Fortune Fund

Dole Akap for OFW & OWWA Many OFW search for dole akap, ano ang ibig sabihin ng overseas filipino workers, and  online balik manggagawa. Akap in filipino language means to embrace in english. DOLE stands for Department of Labor and Employment and it governs an agency Overseas Workers Welfare Administration thatwas organized in 1977. This … Read more

Weissman Law: #1 Exclusive Firm

Weissman law

Introduction to Weissman law firm Weissman law firm is famous for its extensive litigation. It provides client-focused legal solutions. About 30 years ago, Weissman started a law firm that is now located across metropolitan Atlanta. Weisman law firm provides client oriented legal solutions to very complex law problems. If you have some issue related to … Read more

Prosecutor: Learn 9 Important Things


Definition of a Prosecutor Prosecutor is a government official that is a legal representative of the prosecution being the in charge of all criminal proceedings. Prosecutor defends the case brought against the accused person. He/she is responsible throughout the investigation process  by the police through trial.  Public Prosecution Who is a Public Prosecutor? Public prosecutors are … Read more