SSR Movies

SSR Movies

What Is SSR Movie Site?

SSR movie site is the website that provides pirated movies that are available on torrent and Netflix. Piracy is a crime and offense.

Background Information About SSR Movies Website

Ssr movies is an Indian torrent website that allows users to download movies online illegally. Downloading movies from Ssr movies is an illegal act and in case if you are caught or questioned by the officials, it can cause some serious problems for you such as a fine or getting into jail. The only excuse for downloading movies from here is that it is free and we cannot see the quality of downloaded movies.

Description Of SSR Movies Site

It is an Indian torrent website that has many advantages for normal users as well as movie producers, directors, etc. The people who produce the movies are benefited because they can give their work to Ssr movie and it will get exposed worldwide and may be downloaded by many people. On the other hand, normal users are also benefited because they get to watch movies online for free and can download them as well if they like the movie.

Is SSR Movies Site Legal?

The only problem is that downloading movies from Ssr movies is a crime and putting people in danger.

Crackdown On ssr movies Torrent sites

In a crackdown on online piracy and circulation of pornographic content, the Hyderabad police on Thursday arrested 12 persons including administrators of movie torrent portal.


Hyderabad City Police Commissioner M Mahender Reddy said a special team was formed to track down those involved in such illegal activities and soon after receiving information about the

The police on Thursday arrested 12 persons including the administrators of movie torrent portal

Acting on a tip-off, the Hyderabad Police raided three different locations in the city and detained nine people operating from two houses at Punjagutta here.

The other accused were caught at Begumpet.

The website, which has been operating since 2013, had a database of 60,000 movies and around 10 lakh users. The police are trying to crack the crypter used by the accused to hide their identity.

“They even uploaded new films on the website within hours of its release in theatres,” a police official said.

The movie industry lost Rs 2,800 crore (September 2012 to August 2013) to pirated movies in India. Film producers have complained that it was very difficult to curb online piracy.

Police officials said the accused would upload torrents of a film within hours of its release in theatres and charge membership fees from users for downloading. The website would remain operational for about three to six months before they switched the server.

The police are tracking down more suspects involved in uploading and downloading movies online. “We expect more arrests,” Police Commissioner V. C. Sajjanar said.

Movie Piracy In India

People are getting more and more aware of the availability of movies online. There has been an increase in piracy because people use it as a platform to stay updated with the latest happenings in the Indian film industry or they simply don’t want to wait for a movie to be released on DVD, if you are one among those who get to see the latest release within a couple of days after its theatrical release, you are one among the elite citizens of this country.

Remember, I am not encouraging anyone to get into piracy. If you enjoy reading this article please do not take it as a source to start downloading illegal content online.

Piracy is illegal and should be avoided.

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