What To Do If Your Dog Bites Someone?

What To Do If Your Dog Bites Someone

It can be difficult to know the right thing to do when your dog bites someone. You want to do what’s best for everyone involved, but it can be hard to know where you stand legally. Here is some information that could help you determine how to best handle a dog-bite case. Mark Goldfeder, a … Read more

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What To Do If Your Dog Bites Someone

What is Dog Bite? Dog bites are more common than many people realize and can be very serious. The average cost of medical treatment for these injuries is $18,000 per person. This includes hospitalization, emergency room visits, surgery, and rehabilitation costs. Have you been injured by a dog bite? Dog bites are a serious issue. … Read more

Dog Bite Claim: File A Dog Bite Lawsuit

Dog Bite Reporting

How Do I File A Dog Bite Claim? If you have been bitten by a dog, the following dog bite statutes may apply to your situation: 1. Your state’s Dog Bite Injury law (or) 2. Your state’s Dangerous Dog Law/Liability Statute 3. The owner or keeper of the dog’s homeowner liability policy If you decide … Read more

DOG BITE LAWYER: Find The Best Dog Bite Attorney

Guide to hire the best dog bite lawyer

Who Are Dog Bite Lawyers? If you have been bitten by a dog, you may need a dog bite lawyer to pursue legal action after a dog bite injury. About one in every 60 people in the United States suffers a dog bite annually. As a nation of dog lovers, Americans keep dogs as pets. This … Read more