Tort Of IIED: Learn How To Prove IIED Tort

Tort Of IIED

What is The Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress (IIED) Tort? The Tort of IIED/Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress (IIED) tort is a form of assault because it intentionally creates an apprehension in the plaintiff’s mind of physical harm.  The tort results from outrageous conduct that has none of the qualities ordinarily associated with the traditional … Read more

CANADIAN TORT LAW In A Nutshell: #1 Full Help Guide

Canadian tort law

Basic Introduction To Canadian Tort Law Canadian tort law is the main pillar of the Canadian legal system. Tort law in Canada concerns the treatment of the law of torts. It provides compensation for the people who have been affected by the wrong act of other people. A tort means a wrongful act that leads … Read more