Describe Tort? A Tort Is A Civil Wrong

The basic purpose of tort law is to punish criminal wrongdoers

What Is A Tort? “A tort is a civil wrong or injury causing damage to the property or person of another, except breach of contract.” (Payne, Thomas J., ed. “Dictionary Of Law”, New York: Doubleday & Co., 1986.) Torts Definition Torts [definition] – civil wrongs against which the law provides a remedy; in general, intentional … Read more

CANADIAN TORT LAW In A Nutshell: #1 Full Help Guide

Canadian tort law

Basic Introduction To Canadian Tort Law Canadian tort law is the main pillar of the Canadian legal system. Tort law in Canada concerns the treatment of the law of torts. It provides compensation for the people who have been affected by the wrong act of other people. A tort means a wrongful act that leads … Read more