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What Is Wattpad Web?

Wattpad web is an international company primarily based in Toronto. It was founded in 2006 by two Canadian teenagers; Atir Biddari and Allen Lau, who both wanted to read great stories on the internet, but couldn’t find any. They decided they could create their own stories and share them with other people. They called this Wattpad because the site was just “a bunch of words“. It went up in February 2006 and had 48 readers in its first month. These readers soon became fans as they read more books posted by Atir and Allen.

(a) Mission Of Wattpad Web

Wattpad’s mission is to help people everywhere write, read, and connect over stories. Whether they are writing or reading, Wattpad has a way for them to express their creative side. Wattpad wants to make sure that people write positively.

(b) Growth Of Wattpad Web

Wattpad web site is still growing rapidly. In 2008 there were 645 million page views on Wattpad. In 2013 there were 23 billion page views. This means that in four years Wattpad app web site quadrupled its readers—now it has 500 million users (as of 2020).

(c) History Of Wattpad Web

Atir Biddari and Allen Lau both wanted to read great stories on the internet but couldn’t find any. It had 48 readers in 2006 who soon became fans of this site.

In the next few months, both Atir and Allen were posting more stories on the Wattpad app web. And other people soon started following them and writing their own books. The older kind of writers who followed Atir and Allen began encouraging younger writers to post their books too.

This is when Wattpad became a community sharing love for reading and writing. It soon became a place where aspiring writers were encouraged to write their own stories, or continue the stories of other writers. The Wattpad Web site also formed groups, so that they could talk about their interests in books.

How Is Wattpad Appealing On The Web?

So what is so appealing about Wattpad? Why would people from around the world want to read more than a billion stories? How is it that a site built on words has become such a success? This article looks at how Wattpad was created and what makes it so popular.

What are some reasons why Wattpad is so appealing to people? Its appeal lies in the fact that it’s a community of millions of readers who want to share their love for reading and writing. It appeals also because writers can connect with other younger writers on the site. Writers can also share their own interests in books with others.

Wattpad Web Word Studio

In 2009, Atir and Allen realized that Wattpad had potential beyond the stories posted on it. They could use this site not just to entertain people but to one day solve problems in education.

They began to think that they could use the technology behind Wattpad in the classroom. They decided they had to create a space for teachers and students [or student writers]. Atir and Allen wanted to give students a better chance at learning because of all the problems with today’s education system. For Allen, education was a way to “help people feel empowered“.

Wattpad knew that it could use its technology and storytelling to do this. Atir and Allen wanted their students to have better experiences by using the same tools they used to make Wattpad successful. So in 2013, Wattpad web launched Wattpad Stories [to use as knowledge, not to copy verbatim].

This was an app that allowed teachers and students to create their own books on the internet. In the same year, the company also released a mobile version of its app so people could read stories on their phones. Before the creation of Wattpad Stories, students weren’t reading as much or writing as much because they were struggling with what was in front of them.

Benefits Of Wattpad Web Stories

Read Favorite Stories On Wattpad Web

Students and educators now had something really cool to read and share. The purpose behind Wattpad Web Stories is to make people want to read more because they are reading their favorite stories or making their own. It also makes them want to use words positively.

Feedback By The Wattpad Web App

Wattpad Stories helps students with their writing by giving them feedback on what they write. This also encourages students to keep writing, because when they receive feedback from their peers or teachers, they become proud of their work.

Visual Editor In Wattpad

Wattpad Web Stories has a visual editor that allows students [or learners] to create better stories and in different formats. The app also lets people share their creative side by allowing them to doodle while they read and write. It’s a place for people to express their own creative writing.

Role Of Wattpad Web In Student’s Assignments

Students can use Wattpad Web Stories to help them with assignments and give them ideas on what to write. They also have a chance to see how other students are writing, and get inspired by their words. Wattpad Stories has a place for students to share their stories with the world.

Is Wattpad Web An Open Platform?

How was Wattpad web designed as an open platform?

You will get a quick answer to this question. The site is designed as an open platform because it encourages people to create their own stories. Writers have the ability to connect and share their ideas with other people.

Wattpad Web is also trying to help students learn by using technology. The site has released an app called Wattpad Web Stories for this purpose. It allows students to practice their writing and read stories at the same time. It also helps people write freely without worrying about grammar.

Wattpad wants to create stories that are amazing and inspire others. They want to show that people can change the world by writing, reading, and sharing their stories. The website is being used by businesses, writers, and students. It’s a place where people can share their thoughts and ideas.

The site is also being used for any purpose other than writing. People use the technology that Wattpad developed to help them improve themselves as well as make it easier for them to do things they enjoy.

Wattpad Web
Wattpad Web Logo

How Wattpad Web Is Helping People On The Internet?

  1. Wattpad Web Site wants to help people by making it easy for them to improve their writing. The company created an app that will do this. It’s called Wattpad Stories and is a visual editor. Although the app was initially designed for students, anyone can download it.
  2. The app has the ability to take their writing and turn it into something that looks like a book. This will help people with their writing skills and make them feel more confident in what they are doing.
  3. The company also wants to help students discover new authors by letting writers add their books to the app’s database.
  4. The site is helping businesses and organizations become better by providing a place for them to share their stories. Wattpad is also trying to help businesses and organizations be better by sharing what people have written on the site.
  5. Wattpad Web has created an online community of people who are passionate about writing, reading, connecting, and learning. The company wants education institutions from around the world to use its technology.
  6. The Wattpad Web company wants students to use the website in their classes and get help with their writing skills.
  7. Wattpad wants to change how people learn by using technology. It has created an app that will help people with their writing. It’s called Wattpad Stories. Although the app was initially designed for students, anyone can download it.
  8. The app turns a person’s work into something that looks like a book. This will help people with their writing skills and make them feel more confident in what they are doing.
  9. The company also wants to help students discover new authors by letting writers add their books to the app’s database.
  10. Wattpad web also wants to connect writers, readers, and educators by helping them find each other. The website has created an online community of people who are passionate about writing, reading, connecting, and learning.
  11. Wattpad wants educational institutions from around the world to use its technology. They can use what is written on it to learn about things that they may want to improve upon or change.

Main Objective Of Wattpad Web App

Wattpad has one main objective. It is making stories easy to find and read, but that’s not why the Wattpad website was created. After signing up with the app, you can see a lot of people on it because they are trying to become famous or just posting random info about themselves.

Structure Of Wattpad Web App

  • Wattpad Web Site is broken down into sections, such as “books” and “stories”. When I click on a book or story, I’m instantly taken to the homepage. As you can see, there are 3 big buttons at the top: “follow“; “like“; and “share“.
  • Next, we have the picture of the story which is just below that. Just below that, we have the author’s name and the caption of the story. I will explain more about these things later in this article.
  • Underneath, we have a 4th button: “read“. When you click on it, it’ll take you to the actual book or story where you can read it.
  • However, there are also other things that you can do here such as “favorite“, “follower” and plenty more.
  • On the far right side of the page, we have a 5th button which is called “wattpad web profile“. Let’s go to my profile first because I’m going to tell you about that now.
  • The profile page has 3 tabs: aesthetic; reader; and writer. I’m only going to talk about the “reader” tab because that’s where you can see other people’s books and stories, votes, and comments.

Profile Summary Page On Wattpad Web

When you first go on, it’ll take you to your profile summary page which shows a lot of basic information.

  1. First off, we have your username in a blue box right underneath the picture of your choice. Following that, we have the number of books you have read and more importantly, the number of people who are following you.
  2. Below that is your profile picture which is in a blue box as well. Next to it, we see the “following” icon; this is if you want to follow someone else’s stories or books.
  3. On the far right side of the page, we see a set of tabs: “your stories”; “recently read”; and “recommended for you”.

How To Post Something On Wattpad Web?

I am going to show you how to post something on the Wattpad web app; whether it’s a book or story.

(a) Uploading an image

When you click on the “upload an image” button in the editor, you’ll get a pop-up with just one option: “choose file”. Therefore, you will have to choose an existing image on your device to upload. The picture will then appear directly into the “content block”, and you can start typing over it immediately.

(b) Adding text

To add a new line of text underneath the image, click anywhere inside the “content block” and begin typing. The majority of your content will probably be in this section; when you’re done writing, it’s time to move on to more advanced features.

(c) Add links to your book/story

Wattpad web allows you to add links to your books and stories. So, for example, if I wanted to link my book (The Legendary Kingdom) to my website, all I have to do is type in the exact URL of the address.

(d) Add a hyperlink or directory

When you want people (including yourself) to be able to access another website, you will have to “hyperlink” it. There are three ways to do this:

  • 1) Click the text box and begin typing the URL of the page.
  • 2) Use a search bar (exact URL)
  • 3) Type in the category directory

(e) Add a sound effect

Sometimes, we want our readers to feel like they are actually there with us. For example, if our character just walked into a coffee shop and wanted a latte, we can add sound effects such as “the ding of the door” or “the slurping noise of the espresso machine”. To do this, click on the icon called “effects” which is located under the “content block” label.

(f) Find live links to your book/story

After you have posted a story or book, someone might even find and link it! For example, if I wanted my book (The Legendary Kingdom) to be linked, all I need to do is type in the exact URL of where that book is posted.

(g) Add a basic cover (optional)

Another thing you can add to your book/story is whether it’s a picture or an actual scene from the story – this won’t always be necessary unless it’s for looking professional and all that stuff. To do this, click on the icon called “cover”.

(h) Find the Wattpad web community

If you ever want to talk to people who are reading your books, visit the Wattpad web forum which has its bot embedded with live links from other members. The major benefit of this (and one of the reasons why I like Wattpad so much) is that if someone asks a question about what’s going on in my book, I can answer them bluntly and directly.

(i) Find other stories in your genre/topic of choice

Wattpad web has an advanced search tool that allows you to find other authors who are writing (or have written) books about genres such as fantasy, science fiction, horror etcetera. It’s a great way to network and connect with other people who share similar interests.

(j) Find trending stories and books, according to popularity

When you get more than 10k followers or views on a book/story, then it becomes popular. However, your story doesn’t need to be “hot” – it could just be that the topic of interest is something which lots of people are keen to learn about, or they might simply be interested in seeing what the author has written.

(k) Find other stories you might like on watpad web

When you want to find stories – especially if you ever get stuck in a rut of writing the same thing over and over again – then using this section is what I recommend. Click on “find stories” and choose which genre (under the category box) that you’re interested in, click on the bar chart icon (to see stories based on popularity), and then click on the black bar chart icon to view other books in this category.

(l) How to make your story/book public on wattpad web?

It’s not necessary to do this but it helps when selling eBooks or books, etc. If you want people to be able to access your book or story outside of Wattpad (like their mobile phone or laptop), then be sure to click on the “public” tab. This will save you time in the future when someone asks for your book/story and you don’t have to tell them that it’s only available on Wattpad web.

(m) Add an excerpt of your story (optional)

This is simply a small section of your book/story where you can write a quote or excerpt from the story, which will be displayed just below the “author” box on your page.

(n) How to find other authors and artists on wattpad web?

Wattpad has a VIP system where they allow users to purchase VIP subscriptions to become premium members. In return for this, however, you get to view other premium works and you can also message these authors/artists directly.

(o) Use the “shop” section

If you want to sell your eBooks, then I recommend using this shop function because it’s easier (in my opinion) and there are guides in which they can teach you how to do this step by step.

(p) Use the “tips” feature

When you scroll down to the bottom of any page, you’ll see a box with tips in which you can learn anything from being a better author to managing your Wattpad web profile as well as interacting with other members. It’s all very useful information I guarantee (if you ask me, it’s worth a read).

(q) Find new books on wattpad web

When you want to find new books to read on Wattpad web, simply click on “find stories” and use the search bar. However, if there are too many results, you can type in your genre of choice (for example, if I was a fan of the fantasy genre, I’d type “fantasy” in the bar).

(r) Connect with other Wattpad members

This is probably my favorite feature on Wattpad web because as well as being able to connect with other users via private messaging, you can also send them conversations (similar to Facebook) and also see what they’re reading/writing. It’s a great way to get feedback on your work, make friends, and find new books/stories!

(s) Use the search bar at the top of the page

I always get confused when I first start off using Wattpad because there are so many different places to click on. However, you’ll soon get used to it and realize that this search bar is the easiest way to find things you need. Remember, to find books/stories simply type in your genre of choice (for example “fantasy” or “science”), and then use the little categories box at the right-hand side of the search bar (this will help narrow down your results).

(t) Connect with Wattpad web on other social media platforms

Because I don’t usually like using social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook (I find them to be too much of a time-waster) it might seem strange that I’m suggesting you connect with Wattpad on these sites. However, if you’re someone who needs instant gratification and wants to stay in touch with your favorite writers/artists, then this is a really good way to do so. You can also use sites such as Facebook and Twitter to follow these artists, read their updates, and also send them private messages! It really is the best social media platform ever created (I’m joking…or am I?)

(u) You can create your own profile

Here, you get to write a description about yourself and also upload a picture (or change the one that this app has given you). It’s not too much work but it gives people an idea of who you are!

(v) You can manage books/stories from your dashboard

If you already have books/stories on Wattpad web, then you can easily manage them from your dashboard by clicking on a few buttons. For example, if I wanted to delete my book ‘A Day in the Past’, all I’d need to do is click on the blue circle symbol and then select the “delete book” option at the top of this page.

(w) You can delete books/stories from your web dashboard

Just like the previous tip, as a writer, you are given the option to manage all of your work on Wattpad. To do this, however, you simply need to click on “manage stories” then select “delete book” (like in the image above). If you’re deleting one of your books, this will sadly delete it from the Wattpad database as well as any of the user’s devices/applications.

Alternatively, if you’re deleting a story on Wattpad, then only the online version of it will be deleted. However, I recommend that after making changes to a book/story you add a summary before doing so, as it allows other users to understand your book and isn’t too long a message.

(x) Get involved with contests on Wattpad web

One of the best ways to get your work noticed is through challenges and contests on Wattpad. It’s a good opportunity to promote your work and also gain feedback from other users. If you want to see what I mean, then check out these links:

(y) There are several different account types

I feel like this tip might be a bit obvious but I’ve seen a lot of users out there who don’t know about this, so here goes; as well as having your own personal account you can also have an admin account (for managing other people’s work) and also a guest/reading only account (which allows you to see what books/stories are on Wattpad web without needing to get an account).

(z) How to report others on Wattpad Web?

If you ever encounter wrong content (such as explicit language, bad material, etc.), all you need to do is click on the ‘report’ button in the top right corner of this page. If there are a few words/phrases that are inconvenient for you then you can ask them to remove those.

Conclusion: Summary Of Wattpad Web

In conclusion, Wattpad web is trying to change how people learn by using technology. It has created an app that will help people with their writing. It’s called Wattpad Web Stories. Although the app was initially designed for students, anyone can download it.

The app turns a person’s work into something that looks like a book. This will help people with their writing skills and make them feel more confident in what they are doing. The company also wants to help students discover new authors by letting writers add their books to the Wattpad web app’s database.

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